Harry’s Place daily food & coffee
Harry’s Place daily food & coffee  
Harry’s Place daily food & coffee
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..και όταν ο φούρνος μας ανοίξει… HARRY’S PlACE θα μυρίσει !!

Yiammi Yiammi
Yiammi Yiammi


Τι άλλο να θέλεις από ένα σάντουιτς !!

Fresh and quality

Since 1974 the company Harry’s Place holds the secrets of flavor to quick and quality food stores creating unique aesthetics and paying great attention to the quality of the offered products.

Where you can find us

You can visit us an the center of Halkida
24 Aggeli Goviou & Tsirigoti 7 ( Sain Nikolaos square)

ready to serve you

visit our shops or call our delivery service at 2221022253 Monday to Saturday 7:30 με 15:30
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Filicori Zecchini

Filicori Zecchini is one of the most ancient coffee roasters in Italy, founded in Bologna in 1919. Known worldwide as a synonym of quality and excellence.

Visit Harrys Place for daily food, beverages & coffee
14 Aug

free wifi inside our shops!

In our shops we provide free internet for our guests!

24 Jul


It happens now! — at Harry's Place daily food & coffee.

22 Jul

Don’t forget!

Παγωμένο νερό απο την κατάψυξη μαζί με τον καφε σας για την παραλία ❄❄❄ Ζητήστε το !!